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The iMeter is a data logging solution to reduce costs and provide reliable information on water consumption for water utilities, large commercial consumers and geographically isolated locations.

The device is connected directly to the water meter to transmit consumption data and any alarms detected to the server via a secure GPRS network. Readings are taken in accordance with programmed frequency and sent as often as required.

The iMeter provides information to suit a range of requirements, from water network leakage control, to consumption control for businesses.

Cost Efficient

  • Meter manufacturer independent - compatible with standard pulse output water meters
  • No investment in IT systems – cloud based MDM provided
  • No repeaters or gateways required

Simple & Convenient

  • Secure GPRS network with automatic network detection and selection
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Simple installation and configuratio,


  • Physical Security: electronics enclosed in resin for maximum protection
  •  IT Security: servers and databases located in secure controlled environment
  • Communications Security: e-SIM card welded to circuit board
  • Anti-fraud Security: local configuration to prevent fraudulent issues

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme for water
The iMeter is included in the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme, enabling businesses to claim 100% first year capital allowances on investments in technologies for sustainable water use.


Francesc Cabrespina Contact

  • Online access to consumption and flow data, historic and updated via Aqualogy’s MDM
  • Remote configuration management (data transmission and reading frequency)
  • Duration of battery in accordance with frequency of reading and data transmission, e.g.
    • 96 readings/day and daily transmission > 5 years
    • 24 readings/day and weekly transmission > 10 years
  • Locally configurable using short-range RF equipment
  • Can be directly connected to a pulse lead output meter
  • Solution based on a microprocessor that minimises energy consumption.
  • Case and external GPRS antenna IP68 rated for resistance to water and dust
  • Approximate size: 94 mm x 94 mm x 57 mm.
  • 70 cm of cable, incorporated as standard to facilitate installation
  • Operating temperature from -20 to 70ºC.


Information obtained:

  • Up to date calculation in water flow volumes
  • Maximum and minimum flows
  • Information about battery level in each connection, enabling preventive maintenance
  • Real-time identification and warnings about configured alarm conditions:
    • Manipulation (tampering)
    • Leakage (continued use with reduced consumption)
    • Abnormal use (over predefined threshold)
    • Fraud (back flows for example)
  • Data logging: storage of data in the internal memory until transmission is possible


In December 2012, Bristol Water commenced with a smart metering project to smart meter all the monthly read customer meters. Aqualogy iMeter was chosen as preferred solution for 750 of the top commercial customers.

“ … As a smart metering solution for the Bristol Water top 1000 commercial customers, the iMeter gives excellent value for both Bristol Water and the respective customer. The logger enables Bristol Water to improve decision making on the operation of the Network as it provides greater information on key customers.”

Frank van der Kleij – Deputy Director of Network - Bristol Water plc


Since January 2014, Scottish Water, along with Elster, has installed 2,000 iMeters for detached houses within the framework of an ambitious project called ‘Smart City’, led by Home Log Book (Etive Technologies). This project aims to integrate consumption data (water, electricity and gas) with socioeconomic information (number of people per residence/sociocultural profile/tax payment).
The connection of the iMeters is daily and the information obtained is transmitted to the HLB database.


Since June 2014, Wessex Water has installed 2,200 iMeters with weekly connection to quantify the effects of installing meters in the homes of customers in an area where only 40% of the population have their supply measured.
Accordingly, meters equipped with iMeter were installed in supplies that had been measured and in supplies that had not with the aim of analysing the management of demand and the customer satisfaction indicators, which are key factors in the negotiation of fees with Ofwat (the industry regulator in England and Wales).