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The standard procedure for preparing sewage sludge for dewatering is chemical conditioning by polymers, with the conditioning’s primary task being to optimize the floc structure, in interconnection with highly variable sludge and process parameters.

Standard techniques are not capable of this process, as dewatering units require specific flocculation processes, so results are affected by the performance of the conditioning step.

FlocFormer, an internationally patent-protected flocculation unit, can be adapted to various conditions and is tailor made for separation processes supported by polymers.

Four adjustable operating parameters enable the system to be used at different flow rates and achieve a high flexibility towards changing sludge properties and dewatering machines.

SUEZ Advanced Solutions offer this solution in collaboration with our technology partners

  • Reduced sludge disposal costs: higher %DS content
  • Reduced operation costs: polymer savings
  • Increased plant performance and reliability, due to high quality separation and reject water quality
  • Simple installation in existing processes
  • Short payback period
  • Applicable to all established separation processes
  • Collaboration between expert technology supplier and locally-based water company
  • Broad application field: any dewatering system
  • Mobile pilot available for onsite trials

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The Process:
The FlocFormer carries out a two-step process:

  • First, the flocculation agent (polymer) is injected into a rapid mixer, which results in high volume flocs with low shear stability.
  • Next the flocs are eroded and then later compacted in the flocculation reactor, so the polymer can reach full performance.

The final products of the conditioning process are floc pellets, ready for dewatering. As a result, the dewatering and separation efficiency of these pellets is very high.

Additionally, the polymer is mixed in the sludge extensively. The complete performance of the polymer can be activated at this time, so no overdosing is required.

Area Scope

  • Environment - Waste Management
  • Water industry - Sludge treatment

Feature Type

  • Construction
  • Technology

Wasser- u. Bodenverband Wahn, Germany: Two 4L

Two 4L

Biorender AG, Switzerland: FlocFormer 3L

TSK Tsukushima Kikai Co. Japan: Two 3L FlocFormers

PT Gudang Garam Tbk, Indonesia: FlocFormer 4L

Dalian Yooqi Water Treatment Technology Co., China: FlocFormer

Infraserv GmbH & Co. KG, Germany: Seven 7L FlocFormers