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Aquadvanced™ is a tool designed by water operators for water operators, which allows water utilities to monitor and manage their drinking water networks in real time.

An innovative and modular tool, it lets the utility visualise and optimise any performance indicators of a drinking water network (including flow, pressure, quality) using data coming from sensors. This allows water leaks to be located and anticipated, as well as continuous monitoring of water quality.

The software solution centralises and analyses the data and turns it into powerful decision-making information. This information supports operational management of network events, such as leaks and drops in water pressure. The system supports a variety of operational activities including water quality and energy management.

For water utilities, Aquadvanced™ improves the management and performance of the water network - extending its lifetime, while optimising costs. The benefits will be passed on to consumers as Aquadvanced™ ensures better service quality thanks to less frequent and shorter water interruptions, an improvement in water quality and pressure delivered. All together offering a more efficient and accessible customer service.

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  • Easily manages sectors by monitoring flow, pressure, water quality and energy
  • Offers advanced event management (leaks, pressure level drops etc.) to identify anomalies and their causes, locate them accurately and monitor their resolution step by step
  • Analyses hydraulic behaviour in order to anticipate failure risks and simulate the impact of interventions
  • Continuously monitors water quality throughout the water distribution network
  • Monitors energy performance and provides optimal energy operating strategies
  • Integrates with a Workforce Management System, a Customer Relationship Management platform and smart metering data