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Our leak detection machine goes off-road! Our leak detection machine goes off-road!

Our leak detection machine goes off-road!

15 July 2016

It has been a very busy time for our iDroloc team, that has been working virtually non-stop since its inception. Apart from working on big leak detection projects with UK Water Utilities, they were also involved in the development of a new iDroloc machine, that can be used for off-road operations.

This month, this new off-road version has being put through the paces near Wrexham for Dee Valley Water. The iDroloc machine was used to check for any leaks, on a total of 8.5km of newly laid 600mm trunk mains, located in muddy fields.

During this project, long operations also involved a never-tried-before method in the UK. During an iDroloc operation, normally Helium is introduced into the water flow. This time Helium was injected in an empty water pipe, in conjunction with compressed air to create pressure. During this process any leaks could easily be identified using the iDroloc system. To date, 4 leaks have been quickly located and repaired. This process has removed the need to fill the main with water during the commissioning stage of construction.  

To learn more about iDroloc visit our product page or contact us and a dedicated member of our team will contact you. 

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