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The leisure services market covers a wide range of varied services, from public swimming pools to hotels and gymnasiums amongst others. The focus of Aqualogy is to enable our customers to concentrate efforts on their main activities, in order to provide the level and quality of service expected.

SUEZ Advanced Solutions offer an extensive package of services to manage the water and environmental needs of the leisure industry, which includes using our extensive knowledge of swimming pools, spa pools, and hydrotherapy pools.

We can support your ongoing water and environmental impact with our tailor-made water management solutions. The major challenge facing the sector, which Aqualogy can successfully meet, is economic sustainability, associated with environmental sustainability.

Our services include:

  • A focus on cost reduction, based on the optimisation of facilities, maintenance and conservation
  • Help to ensure compliance with current legislation, through environmental control and monitoring
  • Experienced water safety and hygiene professionals
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To optimise the water, wastewater and effluent treatment processes across leisure facilities tailored solutions are required. Aqualogy work with the leisure industry to provide bespoke solutions most suitable for their activities and requirements.

At Aqualogy we design our solutions to deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduction in asset running costs
  • Increased levels of operational efficiency
  • Enhanced environmental performance

Our integrated solutions offer methods of increased efficiency and process optimization. We also ensure all water related activities comply with the relevant environmental legislation.


Our capabilities span design, construction, technical assistance, commissioning, maintenance and operation, optimisation and one-off or periodic control of wastewater treatment plants and tertiary treatments for reuse and reverse osmosis desalination plants.

In the scope of the operation and maintenance of WWTPs we have developed our activity, focussing on the following objectives:

  • Process optimisation through the application of our latest technologies
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Analytical control of water quality
  • Accurate environmental management of sludge, waste, brine and by-products generated in the treatment processes


In the leisure industry environmental analysis services are vital to ensure compliance with the necessary environmental and water related regulations.

Aqualogy have the knowledge and capabilities to provide a full range of these services. Our nationwide team can provide services for bio-safety and legionella control to comply with Health and Safety Executive requirements under the L8 Code of Practice. Aqualogy are also registered with the Legionella Control Association.

Through our environmental consultancy services we can also offer effective environmental management systems.

Our fully trained team deliver a range of onsite services including chemical delivery, onsite testing, softener servicing and the cleaning and chlorination of cooling systems.


The water footprint (WF) is an essential indicator to calculate sustainability. The water footprint is measured by the total water used to deliver services, combining water that goes into the service and also used throughout the supply chain.

Many organisations are conscious of their carbon footprint and are actively trying to reduce it. Although saving energy is an obvious strategy, saving water is also very effective. The water footprint enables companies to find out where and when water is used in their business. Aqualogy provide both water and carbon efficiency audits.



Leisure facilities must ensure their water network is operating at maximum efficiency. The iMeter data logging technology has been designed as a tool for the customer to tailor the water consumption data they require to their own specific needs. With the data provided costs can be reduced and efficiencies across the network can also be achieved.

The consumption data and any alarms detected are transmitted to the server via a secure GPRS network. The iMeter solution also has the ability to allow the customer to programme the frequency of readings as required.