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SUEZ Advanced Solutions offer facilities management services in the field of water management. Providing bespoke services and solutions for water compliance, we help to ensure your facilities operate safely and efficiently.

Facilities often have a complex network of water systems that require effective treatment methods to prevent risks to public health and also breakdown. Our knowledge and experience, alongside our innovative solutions and services, can fit the unique needs of your business

SUEZ Advanced Solutions offer customers services and solutions that allow them to concentrate efforts on the facilities main activities. Our focus is to provide a guaranteed high quality tailored service, providing all the solutions necessary to make your business compliant and provide a wide range of additional benefits.

Our services include:
  • Leak detection & pipe condition assessment
  • Water quality & biosafety services
  • Design, construction, operation and maintenance of:
    • Process water conditioning plants
    • Wastewater treatment plants
    • Process water reclamation and reuse plants
  • Water resource optimisation
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The design, project management, construction, technical assistance, commissioning, maintenance and operation, optimisation and one-off or periodic control of wastewater treatment plants, and tertiary treatments for reuse and reverse osmosis desalination plants.

In the scope of the operation and maintenance of DWTPs and desalination plants, our activities are developed with the following objectives:

  • Optimisation of the various processes
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Ensuring analytical control of the water quality
  • Accurate environmental management of the sludge, waste, brine and by-products generated in treatment processes


Included in our range of services to ensure optimum water network efficiency for facilities Aqualogy also provide services for leak detection.

Developed as a cutting edge innovative solution, with advanced levels of accuracy when compared to traditional acoustic methods, our focus in on efficiency. By identifying leaks using this innovative method facilities can save time and resources in both the short term and long term.

Applied to plastic pipes and/or low network pressures the solution uses helium as a tracer-gas to detect of leaks without interrupting the water service. The service offered does not affect public health or water quality and has been approved for use in public water supplies.


The optimum performance of water, wastewater and effluent treatment processes are essential in order to meet necessary industry legislations and also reduce onsite operating costs.

Our team of experts work with customers to provide bespoke tailored solutions to reduce the running costs of their assets, increase operational efficiency and improve environmental performance. We can provide a full analysis to measure the efficiencies of existing processes and also levels of water usage, in order to identify tailored methods to reduce costs by maximising efficiency.

Through the use of our integrated solutions the complete water and wastewater process can be optimised, also providing visible benefits to overall environmental performance and compliance with relevant environmental legislations.


To ensure facilities water networks are performing in line with the required legislations environmental analysis and analytical services are required. Aqualogy can provide a wide range of services and associated solutions to ensure compliance and also optimise processes.

  • Bio-safety and Legionella control
  • Analytical control of water quality
  • Quality management of process waters and discharges
  • Environmental consultancy and monitoring
  • Cleaning and maintenance of internal networks
  • Environmental management systems
  • Comprehensive odour management


The water footprint (WF) is an essential indicator to calculate sustainability in the use of natural resources by humans.

Many organisations are conscious of their carbon footprint and are actively trying to reduce it. Although saving energy is an obvious strategy, saving water is also very effective due to the energy used in water treatment processes. Therefore Aqualogy provide both water and carbon efficiency audits.

Water efficiency audits provide bespoke plans for water savings and to minimise costs, without losing process efficiency and effectiveness.

Analysis of an organisation’s carbon footprint covers everything from the study and development of a procedure for establishing greenhouse gas emissions, to the planning and management to reduce these. It includes all the activities and infrastructures associated with the complete water cycle



Aqualogy’s VHF solution provides an ideal supporting element for single and multiple sites Facility Management. Once a site’s meters have been fitted with the VHF radio units they communicate to a central system, giving site managers the ability to visualise and manage water consumptions on an hourly basis.

Alarms can be set to alert managers in the case of an incident that requires investigation, such as the breach of a threshold. As more sensors become available under VHF (such as temperature, quality) managers will be able to efficiently operate the site centrally and proactively.

The VHF solution has been deployed globally and is the leading smart metering solution in Europe with more than 1.1 million meters in operation.



To ensure facilities are performing at an optimum level water consumption must be monitored. The iMeter is a solution to log important data on water consumption which then provides the customer with methods for reducing their costs.

The information the iMeter provides can be tailored to suit a facilities’ specific requirements, including consumption control, controlling water expenditure and increasing overall efficiency.

Consumption data and any alarms detected are transmitted to the server via a secure GPRS network, with the ability to programme the frequency of readings as required.



This solution for effective leak detection can ensure the optimum efficiency of the water network for facilities. With no interruption to the service, as the system uses helium as a tracer gas, operations remain unaffected.

iDROLOC is able to trace leaks with no interference to noise vibrations. Furthermore, it is also suitable for any kind of pressure condition. This means that when iDROLOC is operating, the pipes can remain in service throughout the process, without the need for any preparatory operations such as closing valves or modifying pumps.