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Food & beverage

The food and drink manufacturing industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK, accounting for over 15% of the sector by turnover and it is also one of the largest users of process water. Subject to annual rises in water and effluent charges, the cost of water as a resource and the discharge of trade effluent are key concerns for this growing industry.

The industry must also address their environmental impact. By 2030 the world’s population is estimated to increase to eight billion, forecasted to lead to a 50% increase in food supply and energy demand, and a 40% increase in water requirements.

As an intensive consumer of water and energy resources, effective management is crucial.

SUEZ Advanced Solutions are continuously developing our solutions in order to lead the development of advanced technologies for the food industry. Our focus is to provide added value to customers, through participating in all aspects of the water cycle process.

We offer bespoke tailored solutions to optimise process and reduce costs, fully tailored to the needs of each of our customers, including:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Network Efficiency: pipeline cleaning solutions
  • Reduction and reuse of waste produced
  • Water quality & biosafety services
  • Energy Efficiency solutions


Ice Pigging was used to successfully remove a custard like product from dairy production lines providing a range of benefits when compared to flushing.


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From being considered waste to get rid of, with uncertainty surrounding land application, sludge and biomass are now increasingly considered valuable energy resources. In the UK this is now more relevant due to significant subsidies for renewable energy through ROC, FIT and RHI schemes.

Our extensive experience in the operations of wastewater, grey water, effluent and sludge treatment, have allowed us to provide specialised solutions for:

  • Renewable energy
  • Increased efficiency, in particular in terms of energy use
  • Reduce the quantity of end-of-line waste

Our sludge drying systems are designed to:

  • Offer greater possibilities for end management, including energy recovery and reuse
  • Safe systems for use of energy recovered from processes


Including the design, project management, construction, technical assistance, commissioning, maintenance and operation, optimisation of wastewater treatment plants, and tertiary treatments for reuse and reverse osmosis desalination plants.

  • Optimisation of various processes with latest technologies
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Ensuring analytical control of water quality
  • Environmental management of sludge, waste, brine and by-products generated in treatment processes


Aqualogy provide innovative leak detection services. Designed with network efficiency as the focus, process networks remain uninterrupted and the service is delivered quickly and efficiently.

  • Helium used as an accurate and efficient alternative to conventional acoustic methods
  • Effective on plastic pipes and/or low network pressures
  • Very high level of accuracy,
  • Designed to save time and resources


Aqualogy offer a highly effective and low risk pipe line cleaning technology, Ice Pigging, which cleans the inside of pipes using a thick ice slurry. The service is offered as an alternative to conventional pipeline-pigging and other pipeline cleaning techniques.

Ice Pigging technology is based on harnessing the complex properties and unparalleled benefits of thick ice. Semi-solid ice can be applied uniquely because it is both pumpable like a liquid, but also takes on properties of a solid when a ‘pig’ of ice slurry is formed within a pipe.


Aqualogy are focussed on the development of technologies to optimise water, wastewater and effluent treatment processes. This is key for customers when considering methods to meet required legislations and reduce their operating costs.

Our team of experts work with customers to provide bespoke tailored solutions to reduce the running costs of their assets and increase operational efficiency, including services for:

  • Processes and water use analysis
  • Identifying systems and methods to reduce costs
  • Integrated solutions to optimise processes
  • Improving environmental performance


Aqualogy provide a full range of environmental and analytical services. Working with the food and beverage industry throughout the UK, we have experience in the following:

  • Bio-safety and Legionella control
  • Analytical control of water quality
  • Quality management of process waters and discharges
  • Environmental consultancy and monitoring
  • Cleaning and maintenance of internal networks
  • Environmental management systems
  • Comprehensive odour management

Our water treatment services comply with Health and Safety Executive requirements under the L8 Code of Practice and we are registered with the Legionella Control Association.

Our fully trained team deliver all aspects of the service including chemical delivery, on site testing, softener servicing and the cleaning and chlorination of cooling systems.


Treating wastewater streams for reuse creates a more efficient and sustainable method of process management.

Aqualogy’s aim is to optimise water consumption through the various water flows involved in the manufacturing process. Our knowledge and expertise of water use in the food and beverage manufacturing process ensures informed proposals and integrated measures to optimise and reduce water consumption for reduced overall costs are delivered.

Our experts are focussed on reducing the consumption of water and associated scopes (energy, chemical reagents and sludge management) using the wide range of applications for treatment and reuse of process water.


The water footprint (WF) is an essential indicator of overall sustainability measures for industries. The carbon footprint is often at the forefront of reduction measures as energy saving methods are the more obvious strategy. However, methods to reduce water usage are also effective as this in turn will reduce energy. Water treatment for examples can use higher than expected levels of energy.

Aqualogy provide both water and carbon efficiency audits and provide bespoke plans for water savings and reduced costs, without losing process efficiency and effectiveness.



The Advanced Aeration Control solution is designed for energy efficiency and process optimisation in wastewater treatment plants. This tailored solution can be adapted to any plant configuration.

Based on direct measurements the “atl platform” system delivers effective strategy and methods for the operation and optimum performance of municipal and industrial Effluent Treatment Plants with biological treatment, to ensure organic matter and nutrient compliance at the lowest energy cost.

The system provides integrated management of key processes, including the aeration system, internal and external activated sludge recirculation, chemical dosing, storm tank, codigestion, cogeneration, etc.



Electrochemical technologies applied to the food industry is a growing market.

Electrochemical treatment is now an established and accepted technology in the food and beverage sector. COD removal and phosphate removal are often key pre-requisites to minimise increasing trade effluent and waste disposal charges



This effective leak detection system uses helium as a tracer gases. The technology is applied with no interruption to the water supply service. A more accurate and efficient method of leak detection when compared to acoustic methods, iDroloc effectively detects leaks that may otherwise go unnoticed using these traditional systems.



Ice Pigging is an innovative pipeline cleaning solution that uses an ice slurry. Offered as an alternative to conventional pipeline-pigging and other pipeline cleaning techniques, Ice Pigging is highly effective and low risk.

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This internationally patent-protected flocculation unit can be adapted to various conditions and is tailor made for separation processes supported by polymers.

The system can be used at different flow rates due to four adjustable operating parameters. This in turn achieves a level of high flexibility when altering the properties of the sludge and dewatering machines.

Aqualogy offer this solution in collaboration with our technology partners.

  • Reduced sludge disposal costs: higher %DS content
  • Reduced operation costs: polymer savings
  • Increased plant performance and reliability, due to high quality separation and reject water quality
  • Simple installation in existing processes
  • Short payback period
  • Applicable to all established separation processes


This low-temperature thermal drying system enables sludge production to be reduced by 70% and improves its recovery possibilities in terms of energy and agricultural reuse, thus optimising the management of this waste. It improves management efficiency thanks to:

  • The minimisation of the environmental impact by means of the reduction (up to 70%) of the amount of waste, the possibility of storing the end product, and the development of an odourless process, etc.
  • Greater possibilities for its end management, including energy recovery (waste to energy) and reuse.
  •  Safe systems that enable the use of energy recovered from processes.