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Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Water is a critical element in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing operations. It is incorporated as a raw material in the end product, required for auxiliary services (cooling and boilers), and its management, from conditioning at the required qualities, to subsequent treatment for discharge, represents a major cost for business.

Consistent with industry trends toward water efficiency, plants are adopting more holistic and sustainable treatment practices and designs and sourcing methods, to cut resource consumption and waste production.

Aware of the specific needs of these industries and the stringent legal requirements relating to the environment, SUEZ Advanced Solutions offer a comprehensive range of services and technologies.

Our solutions are geared towards environmental excellence in all industrial activity processes, from production to final discharge and include:

  • Network cleaning
  • Leak detection & pipe condition assessment
  • Waste to Energy solutions
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water quality & biosafety services
  • Design, construction, operation and maintenance of:
    • Catchment drinking water treatment plants
    • Process water conditioning plants
    • Wastewater treatment plants
    • Process water reclamation and reuse plants
  • Water resource optimisation
Electrochemistry, ultrafiltration and treatment

Electrochemistry, ultrafiltration and treatment

A plant in Belgium, belonging to a Spanish multinational, which produces an additive used to increase the ketone number in diesel fuels. In the light of future reductions in nitrate discharge limits, they decided to take early action, so to comply with the legislation, they invested in electrochemical technology (electroperoxicoagulation) followed by ultrafiltration, thus treating their water with minimum operating costs.



An issue with a waste pipe on site resulted in reduced flow rates. Other cleaning methods would have resulted in high costs and enabling works, which were avoided using the Ice Pigging process.

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Aqualogy offer a highly effective and low risk pipe line cleaning technology, Ice Pigging, which cleans the inside of pipes using a thick ice slurry. The service is offered as an alternative to conventional pipeline-pigging and other pipeline cleaning techniques.

This highly flexible solution is based on harnessing the complex properties and unparalleled benefits of thick ice. Semi-solid ice can be applied uniquely because it is both pumpable like a liquid, but also takes on properties of a solid when a ‘pig’ of ice is formed within a pipe. Ice Pigging is a highly effective and exceptionally low risk method of removing sediment, biofilm and other objects.


Aqualogy provide efficient and accurate leak detection services using our innovative technology. The leak detection technology uses helium as a trace gas and so does not interrupt the network when in use.

Our leak detection services are effective and fast and can be applied to a range of pipe diameters and also materials. This method of leak detection ensures increased network efficiency.


Our capabilities include the overall project management, design and build of wastewater treatment plants, and tertiary treatments for reuse and reverse osmosis desalination plants.

Using our latest technologies we can ensure the optimisation of various process and compliance with the latest regulations by ensuring analysis and control of water quality.

Our focus in the design stage is to identify methods to reduce the overall energy consumption and provide methods to accurately manage sludge, waste, brine and by-products generated in the treatment process.


Sludge and biomass are now increasingly considered valuable resources for content and energy potential, now more relevant due to subsidies for renewable energy with ROC, FIT and RHI schemes.

Aqualogy’s extensive experience in wastewater, grey water, and effluent and sludge treatment, allows us to deliver specialised solutions for increased energy efficiency and the ability to produce more renewable energy. Using our sludge drying systems customers can see greater possibilities for energy recovery and reuse.


For the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to comply with the stringent legislations applied to their industry they require efficient water, wastewater and effluent treatment processes.

Aqualogy provide bespoke solutions, tailored to our customers’ needs to not only reduce operational costs but increase efficiency and improve levels of environmental performance. These services include:

  • Analysis of existing processes and water usage
  • Identifying methods to reduce costs
  • Process optimisation using integrated solutions
  • Improving environmental performance


Aqualogy offer a range of environmental and analytical services, including:

  • Bio-safety and Legionella control
  • Analytical control of water quality
  • Quality management of process waters and discharges
  • Environmental consultancy and monitoring
  • Cleaning and maintenance of internal networks
  • Environmental management systems
  • Comprehensive odour management

Our Water Treatment Services comply with Health and Safety Executive requirements under the L8 Code of Practice and we are registered with the Legionella Control Association.

All aspects of service delivery including chemical production, delivery, site testing, softener servicing and the cleaning and chlorination of cooling systems, are completed by our fully trained staff.


Aqualogy has a comprehensive understanding of how water is used in the manufacturing process for both the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Using this knowledge we can identify the specific needs of the production process and make informed proposals for optimisation.

Proposals include methods to reduce water consumption and the associated scopes (energy, chemical reagents and sludge management), using a wide range of applications to treat and reuse process water. These methods are designed to be implemented whilst maximizing treatment capacity, reducing VOC emissions and reducing costs.

Water scarcity and the need for proper management pose serious challenges for water intensive industries so the treatment of wastewater streams for reuse creates a sustainable and more efficient process.


In order to reduce the carbon footprint in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries water processes must be considered. Many organisation are actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint but may not consider how their water usage affects this.

Aqualogy can provide both water and carbon efficiency audits. Our water efficiency audits provide bespoke plans for water savings and methods to minimise costs, without losing process efficiency and effectiveness.

Analysis of an organisation’s carbon footprint covers everything from the study and development of a procedure for establishing greenhouse gas emissions, to the planning and management to reduce these. It includes all the activities and infrastructures associated with the complete water cycle.



iDROLOC provides an effective method of leak detection for a number of industries looking to optimise network efficiency. The innovative system uses helium as a tracer gas, so there is no interruption to the network.

The system is accurate and efficient, as well as easy to operate. iDroloc can effectively detect leaks that could go unnoticed using more traditional acoustic leak detection methods.

The technology can also be used as a pipe condition assessment tool, to detect minor leaks in joints preventing future leakage events.



Aqualogy have experience working to the bespoke nature of the Pharmaceutical sector. Effluent water re-use as an additional benefit of Electrochemical technologies can provide excellent return on investment.



Ice Pigging is an innovative pipeline cleaning solution that uses an ice slurry. Offered as an alternative to conventional pipeline-pigging and other pipeline cleaning techniques, Ice Pigging is highly effective and low risk.



The STC heat transfer system is a consolidated process that Aqualogy has designed to contribute to the thermal drying of sludge and biomass at low temperatures using its own technology based on the application of solutions using residual energy and heat pumps.

Its low-temperature drier reduces the volume of sludge, both industrial and urban, from wastewater treatment plants and various industrial processes, facilitating the use of various types of residual energy, which can be easily transported and used for agricultural purposes or as an alternative fuel.