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Energy Supply

The International Energy Agency (IEA) projects that the amount of fresh water consumed for world energy production is to double within the next 25 years. In England and Wales water is crucial to the energy industry, but water resources face increasing pressures from climate change and population growth.

When obtaining and generating energy the industry must take into consideration their water usage. Water reuse is now an important operation as it allows the use of the same water multiple times within a process, also recycling wastewater with effective treatment processes to make it a usable replacement for fresh water is vital.

In the nuclear energy industry water quality must be managed to avoid corrosion problems. Also, water used in the steam cycle process must be treated adequately before it is discharged, as effects on the local environment must be considered.

The amount of water used by the energy industry is influenced by the plant efficiency, the cooling system and other uses of water on site. Aware of the specific needs of the industry and the stringent legal requirements relating to the environment, Aqualogy offers a comprehensive range of services and technologies.

Our solutions are geared towards environmental excellence in all industrial activity processes and include:

  • Smart water network solutions
  • Waste to Energy solutions
  • Design, construction, operation and maintenance of:
  • Catchment drinking water treatment plants
    • Process water conditioning plants
    • Wastewater treatment plants
    • Process water reclamation and reuse plants
  • Water resource optimisation


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Smart water network solutions deliver operational efficiency benefits. Our range of innovative solutions allow effective management of process water though the continuous monitoring and improvements of network performance in real time.

Our range of solution include:

  • Metering solutions
  • Smart Data Solutions
  • Leakage Solutions


Aqualogy are able to provide complete design and build services for water and wastewater treatment plants for the energy industry. Our offering includes the project management, construction, technical assistance and commissioning, alongside the ongoing maintenance and operation.

We also provide services for tertiary treatments for reuse and reverse osmosis desalination plants.

When considering the operation and maintenance aspects of the water and wastewater treatment plants, our long term objectives are:

  • Optimisation of various processes using the latest technologies
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Ensuring analytical control of water quality
  • Accurate environmental management of sludge, waste, brine and by-products generated in the treatment processes


Sludge and biomass as a result of the water treatment process are now increasingly considered valuable resources for generating energy. This is relevant in the UK due to significant subsidies for renewable energy through ROC, FIT and RHI schemes.

Aqualogy have a range of specialist solutions focussed on producing energy from waste and also increase efficiency. Our sludge drying systems provide greater opportunities for end management, including energy recovery and ultimate reuse.

Aqualogy have extensive experience in the operations of wastewater, grey water, and effluent and sludge treatment.


Aqualogy are focussed on optimising processes that use water as a resource. Our expertise in water, wastewater and effluent treatment processes ensure energy producing industries can reduce their operating costs and also comply with the required legislations surrounding their water use and associated waste production.

By working together with customers we can provide tailored solutions to best meet the needs of their particular processes, such as reducing the running costs of their assets, increasing operational efficiency and improving overall environmental performance.

In brief our water and wastewater process optimisation services include:

  • Existing process and water usage analysis
  • Identification of measures to reduce costs
  • Bespoke integrated solutions for increased efficiency
  • Improving environmental performance
  • Compliance with environmental legislation


Water scarcity and the need for proper management are important issues for the energy industry. The treatment of wastewater for reuse is now an important operation, as it creates a sustainable and more efficient method of process management and also acts as a replacement for freshwater.

Due to our extensive knowledge and understanding of the requirements of water within production processes, we are able to make proposals and deliver measures to improve, optimise and reduce water consumption and the associated scopes (energy, chemical reagents and sludge management).

We offer a wide range of applications that treat and reuse process water, all while maximizing treatment capacity, reducing VOC emissions, improving safety and reducing costs.


With the growing importance of conserving water resources, the water footprint (WF) is an essential indicator to calculate sustainability in the use of natural resources.

Freshwater scarcity is an important subject on environmental agendas, and so the minimising the use of this within the energy industries is of great importance. Aqualogy can provide both water and carbon efficiency audits for customers.

Our water efficiency audits provide bespoke plans for water savings and methods to minimise costs, without losing process efficiency and effectiveness.


Aqualogy take a collaborative approach to water and energy, as saving water can often lead to reducing energy requirements. We offer integrated energy and water resource planning and resource efficient technologies to optimise efficiency.

We know that improving water efficiency means increasing water productivity, therefore our focus is to maximize the value of water and manage its efficiency across the complete life cycle.

We offer a range of services related to reducing costs associated with water and energy:

  • Network efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Process water reuse
  • Analysis and optimisation of water consumption by uses
  • Consumption segmentation


Warm wastewater transported in sewers beneath the ground is more than just a dirty water originating from our showers, washing machines and toilets. With its temperature usually between 11-20°C year round, it is an untapped source of heat, which can be recovered and raised by heat pumps to provide space heating and cooling, domestic hot water and process heat. Compared with other traditional solutions, energy recovered from sewage is renewable, locally available and stable.

With over 15 references in France, SUEZ have extensive experience in development and operation of wastewater heat recovery installations and can offer specialized solutions which beside delivering number of environmental benefits are cost-effective, scalable and capable of base load provision.



Leisure facilities must ensure their water network is operating at maximum efficiency. The iMeter data logging technology has been designed as a tool for the customer to tailor the water consumption data they require to their own specific needs. With the data provided costs can be reduced and efficiencies across the network can also be achieved.

The consumption data and any alarms detected are transmitted to the server via a secure GPRS network. The iMeter solution also has the ability to allow the customer to programme the frequency of readings as required.



ECT allows the reduction and potential removal of waste water treatment chemicals. Waste streams can be treated where conventional treatment will not meet regulatory compliance. The main benefits are in reduced trade effluent charges and sludge reductions



Using our expertise developed over 25 years in biogas production through utility branch, technical support and implementation Aqualogy can provide a solution that coversall aspects of biogas plant operation and optimisation.

  • Academic & scientific expertise with business operations via international research centres (CETaqua & Cirsee)
  • Access to specialised lab and pilot facilities
  • Support for whole biogas production and treatment line
  • Guaranteed independence from suppliers and technologies
    Solution tailored to customer needs


The STC heat transfer system is a consolidated process that Aqualogy has designed to contribute to the thermal drying of sludge and biomass at low temperatures using its own technology based on the application of solutions using residual energy and heat pumps.

Its low-temperature drier reduces the volume of sludge, both industrial and urban, from wastewater treatment plants and various industrial processes, facilitating the use of various types of residual energy, which can be easily transported and used for agricultural purposes or as an alternative fuel.



Degrés Bleus recovers heat from wastewater and in conjunction with modern heat pumps transfers it to where it is needed to provide space heating & cooling, domestic hot water as well as process heat. The solution operates as a closed-loop system, meaning that the dirty water never touches the clean water.

The core of the Degrés Bleus innovation are ultra-thin, stainless steel modular heat exchangers (collectors) set in the invert of the sewage pipes. The collectors come in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of every individual sewage situation and can be installed both in existing and new sewers. In addition to recovering heat from the wastewater, the exchangers also protect the pipe’s base from abrasion.

With over 15 references in France, the Degrés Bleus innovation has proven to be easy-to-install, low-maintenance solution that can decrease the CO2 emissions by up to 70%.