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Operation and Maintenance

operation and maintenance

Our operation and maintenance capabilities vary from delivering services to optimising water network performance, onsite water treatment services and also working on water and wastewater treatment plants. With the aim of ensuring sustainability, Aqualogy’s priorities are to optimise processes with cutting-edge technology, minimise energy consumption and guarantee high performance levels, alongside preventive and corrective maintenance services.

Thanks to our experience in managing nearly 2,000 facilities worldwide, we can offer solutions and technologies to improve efficiency and guarantee the quality of services. We follow a model of collaboration and transparency and our expertise has allowed our customers to optimise their process costs, ensure effective management of their assets and comply with the required regulations for health safety, the environment and quality. This may cover:

  • Urban wastewater, desalination and drinking water treatment plants
  • Drinking water networks
  • Sewerage networks

Plant operators are responsible for ensuring the sustainability of facilities via adapting or improving operations, optimising costs, integrating new innovations and complying with legislations. To support operators in the completion of on-site works, while ensuring continuity of service, we offer a range of services:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Improvements, including renewal of equipment and ageing facilities
  • Modifications or extensions to existing plants to meet regulatory standards
  • Commissioning of facilities
  • Training of operating staff


Aqualogy are focused on the optimisation of different processes using the latest technologies. Our operation and maintenance services are centered on minimising energy consumption, ensuring performance levels in the analytical control of water quality and the correct environmental management of sludge, waste, brine and by-products generated in the treatment processes.

Our experience includes the design, build and operation of drinking and wastewater treatment plants, tertiary treatments for reuse and reverse osmosis desalination plants.


To obtain optimum levels in both technical performance and non-revenue water, network managers require a range of technology-based methods for smart water network performance.

Our operation and maintenance services include network cleaning operations and also onsite pipe condition assessments and leak detection/location. These services are designed with the end customer in mind, ensuring minimum disruption to the network.


Our capabilities run throughout the drainage and sewerage field, from the design of systems to their operations. The solutions implemented are high added-value, including: real-time management, sewerage network cleaning and master plans.


Facility managers require on site services to ensure water quality and associated water operations are performing to required standards. Aqualogy provide a full range of environmental and analytical services including analysis of water quality, bio-safety and legionella control and the cleaning and maintenance of internal networks.

Our Water Treatment Services comply with Health and Safety Executive requirements under the L8 Code of Practice and we are registered with the Legionella Control Association.